A 3000-litre RainSaver

RainSaver Limited has just launched its pioneering Series 2 range, now including a fully portable 3000-litre rain-catchment and storage model.

Launch of FideliSys

NRH Nguyen Technologies has launched FideliSys, a coaltion loyalty technology platform. This is the first of its kind within South-East Asia, and is positioned to support the emergence of coalition loyalty programs in the region and beyond.

D&H Hospitality Systems launches MeetingMate

MeetingMate adds a touch of class and convenience to meeting rooms within hotel business centres. Via the iPad app, room users can call for service or for the bill - selecting the language of their choice. And via MeetingMate Plus, hotels can enable users to order adaptors, phone chargers, marker pens, coffees, or other menu items. Again, all in the user's preferred language.

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